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Cal-Mortgage is a Division of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD). Cal-Mortgage administers the California Health Facility Construction Loan Insurance Program (Program). Cal-Mortgage provides credit enhancement for eligible health care facilities when they borrow money for capital needs. Cal-Mortgage insured loans are guaranteed by the "full faith and credit" of the State of California. This guarantee permits borrowers to obtain lower interest rates, similar to the rates received by the State of California.

For more information on Cal-Mortgage see the Cal-Mortgage Brochure.

Recently Insured Projects

  • Ararat Home of Social Los Angeles, Mission Hills
    Insured Amount $2,990,000
  • Becoming Independent, Santa Rosa
    Insured Amount $4,865,000
  • Chinese Hospital, San Francisdo
    Insured Amount $65,000,000
  • Lompoc District Hospital, Lompoc
    Insured Amount $18,875,000
  • Northern California Retired Officer Community, Fairfield
    Insured Amount $32,315,000
  • O'Connor Woods, Stockton
    Insured Amount $49,115,000
  • San Benito Healthcare District, Hollister
    Insured Amount $24,915,000
  • San Ysidro Health Center
    Insured Amount $37,730,000

Pending Loan Closings

  • Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging, Los Angeles
    Projected Insured Amount $75,335,753

Cal Mortgage Credit Rating

  • Standard and Poor's, A

State of California Credit Rating

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