Plan Review and Construction Observation

Licensed Clinics

The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development is responsible for writing regulations pertaining to licensed clinics. These regulations are identified in the California Building Standards Code as "OSHPD 3". OSHPD 3 requirements for clinics shall only be applied to clinics that are licensed pursuant to Health and Safety Code (H&S) Section 1200 (which includes primary care clinics and specialty clinics) or outpatient services of a hospital licensed pursuant to H&S Section 1250.

The following documents are intended to assist designers, building officials, and clinic operators in applying OSHPD 3 requirements and determining which jurisdiction has authority over the plan review, certification, and construction inspection of clinic facilities.

  • CAN 1-7-2100 Clinics
    (Includes "Plan Review, Approval, Inspection and Certification" flowchart with explanatory notes)

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