Hospitals in Google Earth or ArcGIS

Construction projects underway at hospital facilities and SPC/NPC ratings of hospital buildings.

map of Facilty locations


You can also access the facility information through the Google Earth/ArcGIS Explorer table of contents (desktop version only):

  1. Open the sidebar
  2. Click or search for the name of the hospital facility (hospital facilities are grouped by county)
  3. Double click on the name
  4. Google Earth/ArcGIS Explorer will "fly" to the hospital facility you selected.

When using this data, please cite OSHPD/FDD and this web page.

Google Earth/ArcGIS Explorer software enables you to zoom in beyond the level of accuracy provided in these data layers. Hospitals are located based on the street address provided to OSHPD/FDD.

Suggested Additional Layers for Google Earth/ArcGIS Explorer (for desktop version only)

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