California Healthcare Workforce Clearinghouse Program


Commonly used by:
Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, Employment Development Department's Labor Market Information Division, state health licensing boards, and state higher education institutions

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AAACE: American Association for Adult and Continuing Education

AAHC: American Association of Healthcare Consultants

AAPHD: American Association of Public Health Dentistry

AAMC: Association of American Medical Colleges

AB: Assembly Bill

ABC: Alternate Birthing Center

ACC: Access to Care Collaborative

ACGME: Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education

ACHD: Association of California Healthcare Districts

ACI: Academic and Career Integration

ACI: American Concrete Institute

ACIA: American Construction Inspectors Association

ACO: Area Compliance Officer

ACSA: Association of California School Administrators

ACSI: American Customer Satisfaction Index

ADA: American Dental Association

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act

ADEA: American Dental Education Association

ADN: Associate Degree in Nursing

ADP: Alcohol and Drug Programs

AEG: Association of Engineering Geologists

AHA: American Hospital Association

AHCA: American Health Care Association

AHRQ: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

AIHS: American Institute of Health Sciences

ALIRTS: Automated Licensing Information and Report Tracking System

ALOS: Average Length of Stay

AMA: American Medical Association

AME: Affiliated Medical Enterprises

ANSI: American National Standards Institute

AP: Acute Psychiatric

AP: Advanced Placement

APHA: American Public Health Association

APIAHF: Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Forum

APN: Advanced Practice Nurse

ASAPS: Application Submission and Processing System

ASHA: American School Health Association

ASHE: American Society for Hospital Engineering

ATC: Applied Technology Council

AUHS: American University of Health Sciences

BBS: Board of Behavioral Sciences

BCC: Budget Change Concept

BCP: Budget Change Proposal

BCP: Business Continuity Plan

BHCDANET: Bureau of Health Care Delivery and Assistance (NET)

BHP: Bureau of Health Professions

BIA: Bureau of Indian Affairs

BLS: Bureau of Labor Statistics

BOP: Board of Psychology

BOP: Bureau of Prisons

BOT: Board of Occupational Therapy

BPHC: Bureau of Primary Health Care

BPPVE: Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education

BRN: Board of Registered Nursing

BSN: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

BVNPT: Board of Vocational Nursing Psychiatric Technicians

CAFP: California Academy of Family Physicians

CAHCE: California Association of Health Careers Educators

CAHF: California Association of Health Facilities

CAHHS: California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems

CAHSA: California Association of Homes and Services for the Aging

CalCRN: California Career Resource Network

Cal-HOSA: California Health Occupations Students of America

CalJOBS: California Job Opportunity Browsing System

CalOHI: California Office of HIPPAA Implementation

CALOSHA: California Occupational Safety and Health Administration

CalServe: K-12 Service Learning Initiative

CalWORKs: California Work Opportunities and Responsibilities to Kids

CAP: Client Assistance Program

CAPG: California Association of Physician Groups

CASA: California Ambulatory Surgery Association

CaSIL: California Spatial Information Library

CASP: California Association of School Psychologists

CBHN: California Black Health Network

CBO: Community-Based Organization

CBU: Capacity Building Unit

CCALAC: Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County

CCC: California Community Colleges

CCCCO: California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office

CCD: County Census Division

CCDA: California Career Development Association

CCHLO: California Conference of Local Health Officers

CCHWS: Center for California Health Workforce Studies

CDA: California Dental Association

CCNPC: Community Care Network for People of Color

CCR: California Code of Regulations

CDA: California Department of Aging

CDC: Centers for Disease Control (and Prevention-U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

CDE: California Department of Education

CDPAC: Child Development Policy Advisory Committee

CDPH: California Department of Public Health

CDRF: Chemical Dependency Recovery Facility

CDSS: California Department of Social Services

CEIC: California Environmental Information Clearinghouse

CEP: California Economic Policy

CERES: California Environmental Resources Evaluation System

CFR: Code of Federal Register

CGEC: California Geriatric Education Center

CGI: Career Guide to Industries

CHA: California Healthcare Association

CHA: California Hospital Association

CHC: Community Health Center

CHC: Community Health Councils, Inc.

CHCADA: California Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Inc.

CHCC: California Health Care Coalition

CHDC: California Human Development Corporation

CHF: California Healthcare Foundation

CHHSA: California Health and Human Services Agency

CHIS: California Health Interview Survey

CHPAC: California Hospital Association Political Action Committee

CHPC: California Health Professions Consortium

CHPDAC: California Health Policy and Data Advisory Commission

CHRDC: California Health Resource Development Center

CHWC: California Healthcare Workforce Catalog

CHWPC: California Healthcare Workforce Policy Commission

CIMC: California Indian Manpower Consortium

CINHC: California Institute for Nursing and Health Care

CIP: Classification of Instructional Programs

CIT: California Institute of Technology

CLWDA: California Labor and Workforce Development Agency

CMA: California Medical Association

CMHP: Core Mental Health Providers/Professionals

CMHPC: California Mental Health Planning Council

CMS: Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services

CMSP: California Medical Services Program Governing Board

CNA: Certified Nurse Aide

CNM: Certified Nurse-Midwife

COE: Centers of Excellence

CPCA: California Primary Care Association

CPEC: California Post Secondary Education Commission

CPEHN: California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

CPHS: Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects

CPPP: College Preparation Partnership Program

CPR: Comment and Process Review

CRIHB: California Rural Indian Health Board

CSEA: California State Employees Association

CSHE: California Society for Healthcare Engineering

CSNO: California School Nurses Organization

CSRHA: California State Rural Health Association

CSU: California State University (System)

CT: Census Tract

CTA: California Teachers Association

CTEC: California Telemedicine and Health Center

CTI: Caregiver Training Initiative

CWA: California Workforce Association

CWD: County Welfare Department

CWIB: California Workforce Investment Board

DA: Dental Assistant

DAC: Disability Advisory Committee

DBC: The Dental Board of California (now called the California Dental Bureau)

DCA: Department of Consumer Affairs

DCSS: Department of Child Support Services

DDI: Design and Development Implementation

DDS: Department of Developmental Services

DDS: Doctor of Dental Surgery

DDS: Doctor Dental Science

DFEH: Department of Fair Employment and Housing

DGS: Department of General Services

DH: Dental Hygienist

DHCS: Department of Health Care Services

DHS: Department of Health Services

DMD: Doctor of Dental Medicine

DMH: Department of Mental Health

DMHC: Department of Managed Healthcare

DO: Doctor of Osteopathy

DOF: Department of Finance

DOL: (U.S.) Department of Labor

DOLETA: (U.S.) Department of Labor Employment and Training Agency

DOR: Department of Rehabilitation

DPAT: Division Policy Advisory Team

DTS: Department of Technology Services

DVBE: Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise

ED&ASC: Emergency Department and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

EDD: Employment Development Department

EEO: Equal Employment Opportunity

EEOC: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EFDA: Extended Function Dental Assistant

EGIS: Enterprise Geographic Information System

EMSA: Emergency Medical Services Authority

EOC: Emergency Operations Center

ER/ASC: Emergency Room/Ambulatory Surgery Centers

ESRI: Environmental Systems Research Institute

ETA: Employment and Training Administration

ETP: Employment Training Panel

ETPL: Eligible Training Provider List

FDD: Facilities Development Division, OSHPD

FEHA: Fair Employment and Housing Act, California

FIPS: Federal Information Processing Standards (Index Codes of #6-4 for CA Counties)

FMU: Financial Management Unit, OSHPD

FNP/PA: Family Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

FP: Family Practice

FPL: Federal Poverty Level

FQHC: Federally Qualified Health Center

FR: Federal Register

FSR: Feasibility Study Report

FTE: Full-Time Equivalent

FY: Fiscal Year

GAC: General Acute Care

GCEPD: Governor's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities

GED: General Equivalency Diploma (General Educational Development Test)

GIO: Geographic Information Officer

GIS: Geographic Information System

GPA: Grade Point Average

HBSB: Hospital Building Safety Board

HCF: Health Care Facilities

HCFA: Health Care for All

HCTP: Health Careers Training Program

HCUP: Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project

HDPIC: Health Data and Public Information Committee

HEC: Health Education Council

HF: Healthy Families

HHS: (U.S. Department of) Health and Human Services

HID: Healthcare Information Division, OSHPD

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIRC: Healthcare Information Resource Center

HMPP: Health Manpower Pilot Projects Program (now Health Workforce Pilot Project)

HOC: Healthcare Outcomes Center

HOSA: Health Occupations Students of America

H-OT: Hands-On Training

HPCOP: Health Professions Career Opportunity Program

HPEF: Health Professions Education Foundation

HPEP: Health Professions Education Program (Search Tool)

HPSA: Health Professional Shortage Areas

HRSA: Health Resources and Services Administration

HWC: Healthcare Workforce Clearinghouse

HWDAC: Healthcare Workforce Diversity Advisory Committee

HWDD: Healthcare Workforce Development Division, OSHPD

HWPC: Healthcare Workforce Policy Commission

HWPP: Health Workforce Pilot Projects Program

ICF: Intermediate Care Facility

ICU: Intensive Care Unite

IHP: Indian Health Program

IHS: Indian Health Services

ILP: Independent Living Program

IMR: Infant Mortality Rate

IMU: Index of Medical Underservice

IPD: Individual Participant Data

IPOC: Independent Project Oversight Consultant

IS: Independent Study

ISS: Information Systems Section

IT: Information Technology, OSHPD

ITA: Individual Training Account

ITCC: Inter-Tribal Council of California, Inc.

ITSS: Instructional Technology Support Services, OSHPD

IV&V: Independent Verification and Validation

JTA: Job Training Automation

L&C: Licensing & Certification

LCHC: Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

LCSW: License Clinical Social Worker

LFIS: License File Information Systems

LIF: Latino Issues Forum

LLSIL: Lower Living Standard Income Level

LMID: Labor Market Information Division

LPN: Licensed Practical Nurse

LSDS: License Services Data Section

LTC: Long-Term Care

LULAC: League of United Latin American Citizens

LVN: Licensed Vocational Nurse

LWIA: Local Workforce Investment Area

LWIB: Local Workforce Investment Board

MAAP: Mexican-American Alcohol Program

MAHEC: Multicultural Area Health Education Center

MBC: Medical Board of California

MCHB: Maternal and Child Health Bureau

MD: Doctor of Medicine

MEND: Meet Each Need with Dignity

MFT: Marriage and Family Therapist

MH: Mental Health

MHSA: Mental Health Services Act

MIRCAL: Medical Information Reporting for California

MIS: Management Information System

MiVIA: Visitantes Informacion Accesso

MOU: Memorandum of Understanding

MPA: Masters in Public Health Administration

MPH: Masters of Public Health

MQs: Minimum Qualifications

MRMIB: Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board

MS: Masters of Science

MSA: Metropolitan Statistical Area

MSFW: Migrant Seasonal Farmworker

MSN: Masters of Science in Nursing

MSSA: Medical Service Study Areas

MUA: Medically Underserved Areas

MUP: Medically Underserved Populations

NABE: National Association for Bilingual Education

NAHC: Native American Heritage Commission

NAHDO: National Association of Health Data Organizations

NAICS: North American Industry Classification System

NARM: North American Registry of Midwives

NASW: National Association of Social Workers

NASWA: National Association of State Workforce Agencies

NBCT: National Board Certified Teacher

NCBE: National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education

NCEMNA: National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations, Inc.

NCFH: National Center for Farmworker Health, Inc.

NCHWA: National Center for Health Workforce Analysis

NCLEX: National Council Licensure Examination

NCP: Non-custodial Parent

NCSBN: National Council of State Boards of Nursing

NCSL: National Conference of State Legislatures

NCUIH: National Council of Urban Indian Health

NHMA: National Hispanic Medical Association

NHSC: National Health Service Corp

NICU: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

NICWA: National Indian Child Welfare Association

NOA: Notice of Action

NP: Nurse Practitioner

NSC: Nearest Source of Care

NUIHC: Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition, Inc.

OAL: Office of Administrative Law

OCF: Office of Civil Rights

OCKAHIEC: Orange County Korean American Health Information and Education Center

OES: Occupational Employment Survey

OHAC: Oral Health Access Council

OIG: (U.S.) Office of Inspector General

OJT: On-the-Job Training

OMB: Office of Management and Budget

ONET: Occupational Information Network

OOH: Occupational Outlook Handbook

OSE: Office of Secretary of Education

OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHPD: Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development

OVAE: Office of Vocational and Adult Education

PA: Physician Assistant

PA: Physician Assistant Committee

PACE: Policy Analysis for California Education

PC: Primary Care

PCA: Primary Care Association

PCO: Primary Care Office

PCSA: Primary Care Shortage Area

PDD: Patient Discharge Data

PDDS: Patient Discharge Data Section, OSHPD

PDF: (Adobe) Portable Document Format

PDMD: Program Development and Management Division, OSHPD

PHN: Public Health Nurse

PHS: Public Health Services

PPIC: Public Policy Institute of California

PTA: (National) Parent Teacher Association

PY: Program Year

Q&A: Questions and Answers

QCHF: Quality Care Health Foundation

RA: Reasonable Accommodation

RCAC: Rural Community Assistance Corporation

RCB: Respiratory Care Board

RDA: Registered Dental Assistant

RDAEF: Registered Dental Assistant Extended Foundation

RDH: Registered Dental Hygienist

RDHAP: Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice

REACH: Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health

RFA: Request for Applications

RFO: Request for Offer

RFP: Request for Proposal

RFQ: Request for Qualifications

RHC: Rural Health Clinic

RHIOs: Regional Health Information Organizations

RHORC: Regional Health Occupations Resources Centers

RHSU: Rural Health Services Unit

RN: Registered Nurse

RNA: Registered Nurse Anesthetist

RNSA: Registered Nurse Shortage Area

ROC: Regional Occupation Centers

ROP: Regional Occupation Programs

RR: Rapid Response

RSA: Rational Service Area

RUCA: Rural-Urban Commuting Area Code

SALT: State-Approved Local Training

SAMHSA: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

SAT: Scholastic Achievement Test

SB: Senate Bill

SBE: State Board of Education

SCO: State Controller's Office

SCTCA: Southern California Tribal Chairmen's Association

SDB: Shortage Designation Branch

SEIU: Service Employees International Union

SFP: Solicitation for Proposal

SFS: Sliding Fee Scale

SHC: School Health Connections

SHF: Sierra Health Foundation

SLAHP: South Los Angeles Health Projects

SLRP: State Loan Repayment Program

SMSA: Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas

SNAHC: Sacramento Native American Health Center

SNF: Skilled Nursing Facility

SOC: Standard Occupational Classification System (SOC Code)

Song-Brown: Song-Brown Physician Training Program

SOQ: Statement of Qualifications

SORH: State Office of Rural Health

SPB: State Personnel Board

SPH: (The) Society of Professionals in Healthcare

SSN: Social Security Number

STEPS: Steps To Employment Pathways System

TA: Technical Assistance

TAA: Trade Adjustment Assistance

TAG: Technical Assistance Guide

TANF: Temporary Assistance to Needy Families

TCE: The California Endowment

TCWF: The California Wellness Foundation

TEGL: Training and Employment Guidance Letter

TEIN: Training and Employment Information Notice

UAPD: Union of American Physicians and Dentists

UC: University of California (System)

UDS: Uniform Data System

USC: United States Code

USDOL: U.S. Department of Labor

USDOLETA: U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Agency

USED: U.S. Department of Education

USPHS: U.S. Public Health Service

UTLA: United Teachers of Los Angeles

VA: Veteran's Administration

WAFA: Western Alliance of Farmworkers' Advocates

WARN: Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

WCAHS: Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety

WIA: Workforce Investment Act

WIASRD: Workforce Investment Act Standardized Record Data

WIC: Women, Infants, and Children

WID: Workforce Services Division, EDD

WIN: Worldwide Indian Network

WIRED: Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development

WMMC: White Memorial Medical Center

WOTC: Work Opportunity Tax Credit

WTW: Welfare-to-Work

YEP: Youth Education Partnerships

YOA: Year of Allocation

YRE: Year-Round Education

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