Hospital Building Safety Board (HBSB)

Energy Conservation & Management Committee

Committee Goals

  1. Develop innovative strategies and solutions in partnership with the healthcare industry to identify and deploy energy management projects at hospitals, while maintaining health and safety standards.
  2. Evaluate statutory and regulatory code to identify opportunities where OSHPD has existing authority and flexibility to approve innovative strategies and pilot projects that would result in energy savings in hospitals.
  3. Evaluate existing Alternate Method of Compliance projects and industry best practices for potential expansion to other hospitals and health facilities.
  4. Consider future amendments to statute and regulatory code that would achieve energy savings and maintain facility health and safety.


To see committee activities as well as previous committee meeting information, go to the HBSB Meeting Archives page.

Meeting Information

The next committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 28, 2018. A meeting agenda and meeting materials for this meeting are located on the HBSB Upcoming Committee Meetings page.

Energy Conservation Recommendations

  1. The California Energy Commission (CEC) is available to assist with evaluating energy saving products for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Click on the button below to contact the CEC if desired.

  2. Furthermore, the California Energy Commission is soliciting ideas for improving energy efficiency for hospitals. If you have an idea you would like to share, please contact Gabriel D. Taylor at
  3. During the June 17, 2016 meeting the committee discussed extreme heat conditions in Southern California and the probable inadequate supply of natural gas in Southern California which may lead to "brown outs" or "black outs" for electrical power. A request was made for any suggestions or recommendations that hospitals may immediately take to reduce natural gas consumption. None were received at the meeting. FDD has provided this location on its website where hospitals may post any suggestions or recommendations that may arise after having time to consider the issue and to discuss it with their hospital engineers.

Please refer to the list below for recommendations received. Additional recommendations should be emailed to the FDD Regulations Unit at

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