ISU Hospital Inspector Certification Program (HICP)

What′s New

Changes/clarifications to the recertification policy effective January 1, 2013.

  1. Certification expires after three years. Hospital Inspectors with expired certifications are not permitted to serve as Inspectors of Record (IORs) and must be replaced immediately.
  2. Up to six months after expiration, Hospital Inspectors may obtain renewal by:
    1. Attending the recertification seminar.
    2. Passing the recertification exam
    3. Paying a $100.00 delinquency fee (in addition to the $100.00 recertification seminar/exam fee).
    4. Hospital Inspectors are not permitted to continue to serve as IORs during the six month delinquency period.

  3. Certification cannot be renewed more than six months after expirations; an individual would have to apply for, and pass, the certification exam to obtain a new certification.
  4. Recertification period starts from initial certification anniversary date (rather than the date of the recertification exam).
  5. The recertification seminar may be attended at any time; however, to obtain recertification, IORs must attend the seminar and pass the exam in the final 12 months of the certification period.

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