Plan Review and Construction Observation

Rapid Review Unit (RRU)

All new projects falling within the maximum construction estimate threshold may be eligible for the Rapid Review Unit (RRU). This Unit was created to provide expedient review times for qualified projects not involving unusual complexity. All RRU project reviews will receive a turn-around time of 15 business days.

Rapid Review Program Overview

  • New projects up to a maximum estimated construction cost that varies between $100,000 - $175,000, dependent upon fluctuating workload.
  • (For the purpose of determining Rapid Review Unit eligibility, the estimated construction cost excludes imaging equipment costs, design fees, inspection fees, offsite improvements, and fixed equipment costs including but not limited to sterilizers, chillers, and boilers.)

  • Post Approval Documents (PAD′s), and Deferred Items (DI′s) for projects initially reviewed by the RRU.
  • Alternate Method of Compliance (AMC):
    • Requires RRU Supervisor Review for determining Rapid Review Unit eligibility of projects initially reviewed by RRU and needing an AMC.
  • Existing projects that were initially reviewed by a Region, including backchecks, Post Approval Documents (PAD’s), and Deferred Items (DI’s).
  • Projects having equipment which is missing required OSP numbers for Special Seismic Certification.

RRU Application Process- Electronic Document Submittal and Plan Review

Effective March 11, 2016 clients must follow these steps:

RRU Over-The-Counter (OTC) Reviews

The Rapid Review Unit no longer conducts Over-the-Counter reviews. To schedule an OTC, please contact the region in which your project resides.

For additional information, please contact the OSHPD Rapid Review Unit at

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