Plan Review and Construction Observation

60/30/30 Turnaround Goal Program

The intent of this program is to establish due dates for completion of the review of the construction documents and to apprise our clients of the anticipated date the review will be completed and returned to them. The 60/30/30 Turnaround Goal Program incorporates the following guidelines:

  • First Review of New Projects and Deferred Items: within 60 days
  • Backchecks: within 30 days
  • Amended Construction Documents: within 30 days

Rapid Review Unit

Projects that meet the criteria for the Rapid Review Unit will have a turnaround goal of 15 business days for:

  • All first reviews
  • Backchecks
  • Amended Construction Documents
  • Deferred Item submittals

Please refer to the Rapid Review Unit for additional information.

Other Project Review Timelines

  • Projects that include primary gravity and/or lateral load elements/systems (structural) will have a turnaround goal of 80 days for first reviews and deferred item reviews.
  • Backchecks will have a turnaround goal of 40 days.
  • The review schedules for Managed Projects will be negotiated between the Office and the Client.

If it is determined that FDD cannot meet any of the turnaround goals for a project, it is the Office policy to notify applicants with the date they can expect their project to be completed/returned.

If code violations or deficiencies are discovered during the various reviews, remarks will be placed on the construction documents indicating the exact deficiency and will include a reference to the statute or regulation that was violated. Construction documents will be returned to the applicant for correction. When the corrected construction documents are resubmitted for a backcheck review, ALL PREVIOUSLY REMARKED DOCUMENTS, ALONG WITH A COMPLETE RESPONSE TO EACH COMMENT, must be resubmitted for backcheck review. Written approval of the construction documents will be conferred when all comments are resolved AND the office has received a set of the stamped construction documents for its files.

This page was last updated on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.