Plan Review and Construction Observation

Construction Observation Process

The OSHPD Facilities Development Division (FDD) uses a Field Compliance Unit for healthcare construction oversight and to confirm projects are in compliance with California Building Standards Codes.

Below is shown an abbreviated summary of the Construction Observation process for a health facility.

Please refer to the construction observation additional information document for a broader explanation of the process.

Process Summary

  • Step 1 - Building Permit Issued

    Upon plan approval, a building permit (OSH-FD-302 Application for Building Permit) is issued and construction begins.

  • Step 2 - Inspector of Record (IOR) Approved

    An Inspector of Record (IOR) approved by the hospital governing board or authority is employed by the facility and works under the direction of the Design Professional of Record. The approved IOR with the required personal knowledge performs only those duties associated with the required continuous inspections, and executes the required inspections specific to the project(s) for which the IOR has been approved.

  • Step 3 - FDD Field Staff Visit the Construction Site

    The FDD Field Compliance Unit staff periodically visit the construction site to:

    • Ensure that requirements of the building code are being met.
    • Monitor the performance of the IOR.
    • Document the lack of adequate, competent, or continuous inspection.
  • Step 4 - FDD Regional Compliance Officer Tasks

    The Regional Compliance Officer (RCO):

    • Supervises the work activities of the field staff.
    • Coordinates the monitoring of construction of heath facilities.
    • Makes decisions regarding Alternate Methods of Compliance.
    • Reviews qualifications and workload of Inspectors of Record (IOR).
    • Monitors the on-going performance of IORs through assigned field staff.
    • Issues building permits and stop work orders for unsafe, unauthorized, or non-complying construction work as necessary.
  • Step 5 - FDD Compliance Officer Tasks

    The Compliance Officer (CO):

    • Conducts construction observation of the health facility’s construction to ensure work is in substantial conformance with the approved plans and specifications.
    • Monitors compliance with the approved Testing, Inspection and Observation (TIO) program.
    • Monitors the IOR’s performance.
    • Coordinates field staff.
    • Issues the certificate of occupancy and/or construction final.
    • Recommends closure of projects for inactivity, noting outstanding safety issues with code sections for non-compliant work when appropriate.
  • Step 6 - After Construction

    Once construction is completed, FDD issues a certificate of occupancy which allows the owner to then apply to the Department of Health Services for a license to operate the health facility.

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