Plan Review and Construction Observation

Geotechnical Reports

Geotechnical/geo-hazards reports must be submitted to the Office as required by Title 24, Part 1, Section 7-117. Due to the detailed review requirements involved with Geotechnical/geo-hazards reports, the reports should be submitted well in advance of the scheduled submittal of construction documents for plan review. This will ensure that the review is based on approved site data.

Three copies of site data reports must be furnished to the Office for review and evaluation prior to the submittal of the project documents for final plan review. Alternately, one copy of the site data reports may be uploaded electronically using the eServices Portal if the GeoTech-Only Application for New Project has been submitted and an OSHPD project number has been assigned. Instructions for creating a new project are available in the eServices User Guide 5- Applications for New Projects.

Site data reports shall comply with the requirements of Title 24, Part 1, Section 7-117 and the California Building Code. Upon the determination that the investigation of the site and the reporting of the findings was adequate for the design of the project, the Office will issue a letter stating the site data reports are acceptable.

Site data reports are required for all proposed construction.


  • One-story, wood-frame or light steel frame buildings of Type V construction and 4,000 square feet or less in floor area.
  • Nonstructural alterations.
  • Structural repairs for other than earthquake damage.
  • Incidental structural additions or alterations.

On occasion, Geotechnical/geo-hazards reports are forwarded to the California Geological Survey for review. Complete report review times could be up to 12 months before approval.

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