Plan Review and Construction Observation

In-Office OSHPD Over-The-Counter (OTC) Reviews

To provide better service to our clients, OSHPD provides an OTC review service that may be scheduled for projects with shorter review time. Each Office geographic region will:

  • Reserve one day per week dedicated to OTC review
  • Schedule OTCs in their region
  • Review documents for facilities that are within their respective area of responsibility

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Reviews may be requested using the OTC schedules below. For the in-office OTC Review, click on the link next to the appropriate region within the schedule (note the day of the week) to send an email to the OSHPD Senior Architect/Project Manager.

  • Criteria for Qualifying Projects

    The criteria for qualifying a project for an OTC review are 1 hour per discipline (2 hours for Structural). All construction documents and completed project applications must be submitted to OSHPD for triage to determine eligibility for an OTC review. Project applications may be submitted using the eServices Portal (eSP) Client Access system. Triage results are visible on the eSP Project Search web page.

  • After Project Triage

    After triage, the designer will be notified by reply email if the project is eligible for OTC review, along with a proposed date and time for the OTC.

    With approval from the Regional Supervisor, some projects may be scheduled for OTC review when the Estimated Review Hours exceed the qualifying criterion for a single discipline. In this case, the project may be taken in for review after the other disciplines complete their reviews at the OTC appointment.

The In-Office OTC Schedule is as follows:

Offsite OSHPD Over-The-Counter Review (FR@OTC)

In addition to the In-Office OTC services, FDD provides offsite Field Reviews at OTC services for clients at the locations described below. For emergency situations, contact the RCO or Field Staff directly.

PLEASE NOTE: The qualifying criteria for offsite Field Reviews at OTC service is different than for In-Office OTC services. Offsite Field Reviews at OTC are for existing projects and new projects that fall within the eligibility criteria for field reviews only.

  • Central Field Reviews at OTC - Fresno

    • Maximum 30 minute appointments
    • Scheduled by email

    Central Field typically process small PADs, FREERS, and only limited new projects larger than FREER scope with staff and RCO concurrence. Requests must state which disciplines are required for the field review (CO, FLSO, DSE) and must include the scope to determine eligibility for a Central Field Review at OTC.

  • North Field Reviews at OTC - Santa Rosa

    • Maximum 30 minute review per discipline
    • Email request
    • Include your construction documents along with the OTC Application

Rapid Review - San Diego OTCs have been suspended

Please contact the South Field to schedule an OTC in San Bernardino or San Diego

Northern California Location & Days
Santa Rosa State Building
50 D Street, Suite 410
Santa Rosa
2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month Click here to schedule a Field Review @ OTC with NORTH Field Staff
Fresno CalFire Headquarters
1234 E. Shaw Avenue
1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month Click here to schedule a Field Review @ OTC with CENTRAL Field Staff
Southern California Location & Days
San Bernardino State Building
625 E Carnegie Dr.
San Bernardino
1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month Click here to schedule a Field Review @ OTC with SOUTH Field Staff
San Diego State Building
7575 Metropolitan Dr.
Suite 104
San Diego
2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month Click here to schedule a Field Review @ OTC with SOUTH Field San Diego Staff

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