Vision, Mission, and Values


“Access to safe, quality healthcare environments that meet California’s dynamic and diverse needs.”#


California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) is the leader in collecting data and disseminating information about California’s healthcare infrastructure.

OSHPD promotes an equitably distributed healthcare workforce, and publishes valuable information about healthcare outcomes.

OSHPD also monitors the construction, renovation, and seismic safety of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities and provides loan insurance to assist the capital needs of California’s not-for-profit healthcare facilities.


OSHPD advances safe, quality healthcare environments through innovative and responsive services and information that:

  • Finance emerging needs
  • Ensure safe facilities
  • Support informed decisions
  • Cultivate a dynamic workforce


Communication – The sharing of information#

“Communication” means that it is important for OSHPD to effectively and reliably transmit information both internally and externally. It also emphasizes that at OSHPD, communication is “two-way” in nature. OSHPD is a national leader in communication as portrayed by its commitment to making healthcare information available to the public. An example of this is found in OSHPD’s hospital financial and utilization reports that are considered to be confidential in many states.

Accountability – Willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions#

As a government agency, OSHPD is held accountable for its actions. In fact, this “Accountability” is one of the prime factors that separate governmental from private sector organizations. OSHPD is accountable to the people of California, as well as to their representatives, including the Governor and members of the Legislature. OSHPD is also accountable to those who depend on its services, such as healthcare facilities and health professionals, to name two examples. This accountability generates certain expectations for OSHPD’s actions.

Service – A contribution to the welfare of others#

OSHPD is essentially a “Service” organization, providing services for its clients and the California public. These services include the efficient processing of approvals for health facility construction and the collection and dissemination of information from healthcare providers along with many other services OSHPD provides. OSHPD is recognized for its service quality and consistency. OSHPD is committed to maintaining and even improving upon this level of achievement, which is a demanding but achievable goal.

Professionalism – Aspiring qualities that mark a profession or agency#

“Professionalism” means high standards, self-accountability, and responsibility. Other identified characteristics of professionalism include the need to maintain an ongoing educational process, dedication, and awareness of professional norms in order to achieve a consistency of performance. Put another way, OSHPD team members can be relied upon to always perform in a uniformly excellent manner by continually improving their capabilities and competencies.

Integrity – To adhere firmly to a code of moral values#

“Integrity” is a very important value for a governmental organization. The dictionary includes the definition: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values, i.e. incorruptibility. At OSHPD, with regard to both internal operations and external relationships, integrity is our cornerstone. Integrity also means that OSHPD can be counted on to always perform in a consistent and fair manner.

Respect – To consider worthy of high regard#

“Respect” is a value that OSHPD team members use to guide their work on a daily basis. Respect has meaning for both internal relationships with each other and external relationships with OSHPD’s constituents. Each operating unit within OSHPD has a set of clients who utilize OSHPD’s services. Despite the enormous volume of interactions, OSHPD has rarely (indeed almost never) received complaints about the way OSHPD’s team members treat its clients.

Innovation – A new idea, method or device#

“Innovation” typifies what OSHPD does. For example, OSHPD’s Cal-Mortgage Program and Health Professions Education Foundation are healthcare accessibility extenders that are unique in state government. OSHPD’s Facilities Development Division is known throughout the world for its cutting edge work on health facility structural and functional safety. Although OSHPD is not the only state department in the nation that collects or analyzes health data, many consider OSHPD’s Healthcare Information Division to be the best at what it does. OSHPD’s Healthcare Workforce Development Division has also garnered repeated accolades for leading the nation in a proactive effort to develop the health workforce.

Teamwork – Each doing a part for the good of the whole#

OSHPD works as a team of many teams. A team-based approach allows the organization to synergistically apply its various strengths and technical competencies. An illustration of this comes from the Facilities Development Division where a team comprised of structural engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, fire-life safety officers, architects, compliance officers, and others must work together at multiple points in time to review and approve new construction for California’s hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. Another example is the Healthcare Information Resource Center where a group of creative and dedicated professionals work together to respond creatively to requests for information or data.

Community – A unified body of individuals#

OSHPD embraces a culture where instead of many divisions geographically disbursed working on their own, it is one department coming together to serve its clients and the people of California. OSHPD is a community comprised of unique individuals with special roles and talents who are unified by an identity that is greater than the sum of its parts. This “Community” value is a new value for OSHPD and enhances and supports other areas of OSHPD’s strategic planning effort. In the Community Map, OSHPD has formally named the OSHPD team as the “OSHPD Community.” The Rallying Cry, “One OSHPD – Working Together,” which provides energy for OSHPD’s initial efforts toward implementation of its strategic plan, also emphasizes the importance of this new value and the need to work as one organization.