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About HBSB#

The Hospital Building Safety Board (HBSB or Board) was established by Senate Bill 519 (Alquist) in the original Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act of 1973.

The purpose of the Board is to:

  • Advise the Director of the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) on the administration of the Hospital Facilities Seismic Safety Act, and
  • Act as a board of appeals with regard to seismic safety and fire and life safety issues relating to hospital facilities.

The Board is comprised of:

  • Sixteen board members appointed by the Director of OSHPD from nominations submitted by professional associations, as specified in the Health and Safety Code, and three more are appointed as public members. These appointed Board members serve 4-year terms with a maximum of two terms.
  • Six statutory ex-officio members, representing state agencies whose programs interface with the hospital design and construction program.
  • Three additional ex-officio members appointed by the Director of OSHPD as desired. 

Board members maintain close contact with professional groups and important industry organizations to bring attention to changes and emerging issues occurring in the design and construction of health facilities in California.

The full Board meets on an as needed basis. Additionally, committee meetings are held throughout the year. All meetings are open to the public and interested parties are always welcome to attend.

Board Information:

Go to the OSHPD subscription page and select Hospital Building Safety Board or its Committees to receive news and information.

HBSB 2020 Full Board Meetings#

April 23 – OSHPD Los Angeles
August 13 – OSHPD Sacramento
December 9 and 10 – OSHPD Los Angeles

HBSB 2020 Committees#


Board Members: 
● Pete Kreuser, Chair ● Michael O’Connor, Vice-Chair ● Louise Belair ● Mike Hooper ● Scott Jackson ● Michele Lampshire
● Roy Lopez ● Bruce Macpherson ● Maryann Phipps   

Consulting Members: 
John Donelan, OSHPD/FDD ● Mark Hershberg, KPFF Consulting Engineers 

OSHPD Representatives:
● Brett Beekman ● Mickey Fong ● Bill Gow ● Roy Lobo ● Dave Mason ● Diana Navarro ● Carl Scheuerman  ●
Richard Tannahill ● Nanci Timmins

Meeting Date(s):
February 13
May 5
August 20
November 5

● Develop code language with CDPH ● Research initiative for 2022 code cycle updates ● Update CANs and PINs to code
● Mental health jurisdiction flowchart ● Standard details for SNFs wood and light gauge metal framing ● Temporary utilities


Board Members:
● Michael Foulkes, Chair ● Louise Belair, Vice-Chair  ● Bruce Macpherson ● Bruce Rainey

Consulting Members:
● None

OSHPD Representatives:
Joe LaBrie ● Carl Scheuerman

Meeting Date(s):
April 23
December 9

Organize leadership training program


Board Members:
● Mike Hooper, Chair ● Pete Kreuser, Vice-Chair ● Louise Belair ● Deepak Dandekar ● Rami Elhassan ● Bert Hurlbut
●  Bruce Macpherson ● Bruce Rainey

Consulting Members:
● John Donelan, OSHPD/FDD ●  Bill Zellmer, Sutter Health

OSHPD Representatives:
● Hussain Bhatia ● Chris Dickey ●  Mickey Fong ● Joe LaBrie ● Richard Tannahill ● Nanci Timmins

Meeting Date(s):
January 15
April 2
July 16
September 29

● Webinars: Offsite Fabrication; Code Change to 2019 CBSC published 7/1/2019 effective 1/1/2020; New Energy Regulations/Enforcement training (field staff and IOR); Removing Acute Care Services; PINs and CANs related to Fire Life Safety, Pre-approvals, and Accessibility Standards;  and OSHPD New Electronic Plan Review Software ● Work with ISU on IOR training and development


Board Members:
Louise  Belair, Chair ●   Roy Lopez, Vice Chair David Bliss Deepak Dandekar Mike Hooper Scott Jackson
David Khorram ● Michele Lampshire  Bruce Rainey 

Consulting Members:
John Griffiths, CONTECH-CA Eric Johnson, ECOM Engineering, Inc. David Lockhart, Kaiser Permanente

OSHPD Representatives:
Chris Dickey Dave Mason  Carl Scheuerman Richard Tannahill

Meeting Date(s):
February 20
June 18
October 1

● Work with CEC to develop mutually agreeable standards for hospital building energy efficiency ● Develop recommendations for next code cycle modification for OSHPD to address microgrids, distributed energy
resources, and interconnection to normal power versus emergency power 


Board Members:
Rami Elhassan, Chair Maryann Phipps, Vice-Chair Bruce Clark Marshall Lew Jennifer Thornburg

Consulting Members:
Hammid Haddadi Moh Huang Tony Shakal

OSHPD Representatives:
Hussain Bhatia Roy Lobo  Ali Sumer

Meeting Date(s):
May 28
October 29

● Continue working with OSHPD staff on scheduled instrumentation installations ● Develop white paper for monitoring earthquake recovery


Board Members:
Maryann Phipps, Chair Rami Elhassan, Vice-Chair Bruce Clark Mike Hooper  Marshall Lew Michael O’Connor
Jennifer Thornburg 

Consulting Members:
Michelle Malone, Chinese Hospital

OSHPD Representatives:
Joe LaBrie Roy Lobo David Neou Carl Scheuerman Ali Sumer 

Meeting Date(s):
January 23- CANCELED
March 26
July 9
October 22

● Support OSHPD with review of code changes ● Support OSHPD with review of new/revised PINs, CANs and OPDs
● Implementation of SPC-4D and NPC-4D ● Issues regarding repurposing hospital buildings ● Develop a PIN for nonstructural bracing of fixed, mobile and movable equipment, and pre-approved details ● Revisit NPC-5 requirements ● OSP for computer racks/servers and routers, etc.


Board Members:
Michael O’Connor, Chair David Bliss, Vice Chair Deepak Dandekar Michael Foulkes Bert Hurlbut ● Roy Lopez
Bruce Macpherson Bruce Rainey

Consulting Members:
Benjamin Broder, Kaiser Permanente ● Eric Johnson, ECOM Engineering, Inc. 

OSHPD Representatives:
Hussain Bhatia Joe LaBrie Carl Scheuerman Richard Tannahill Nanci Timmins

Meeting Date(s):
March 5
June 23
September 10

● Explore subjects of telemedicine and robotics ● Presentation on upcoming Power over Ethernet (PoE) implementation
● Discuss continuing evolution of interventional imaging; have vendors present current equipment capabilities and look at impacts to future shielding requirements ● Monitor CDPH electronic health records redundancy issues in the event of power failure and watch for potential effects to code

Upcoming Seminars #

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Activities & Resources#

To see committee activities as well as previous committee meeting information, go to the HBSB Meeting Archives page.

HBSB Staff#

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Executive Director
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Support Staff
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Support Staff
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