OSHPD Facility Development Division COVID-19 Resources

General COVID-19 Information #

California Department of Public Health Guidance #

AFL 20-26 Suspension of Regulator Enforcement of Hospital Requirements issued 3/20/2020, Revised 7/3/2020.

AFL-18-09 Requesting Increased Patient Accommodations Including Medical Surge Tent Use.

AFL 20-48 Transfers to Low Acuity Alternate Care Sites During Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic.

Surge Tents#

See guidance provide by California Department of Public Health in AFL-18-09 .

Where surge tents do not meet State Fire Marshall requirements, OSHPD recommends providing a fire watch per Policy Intent Notice 14.

Negative Pressure Rooms #

See Policy Intent Notice 4.  Even though this was written for tuberculosis (TB) cases, this applies for the current COVID-19 Emergency.

Use of Plastic Barriers Used for Separation of COVID Positive Areas in Healthcare Facilities#

OSHPD Emergency Operation Events#

Log of events in OSHPD Emergency Operations:

These documents are subject to frequent changes as new information is received.

Contact Information #

For questions or comments related to this website, please email OSHPD COVID19 Emergency Operations at EOC@oshpd.ca.gov