SPC -4D is a new Structural Performance Category that is part of the 2016 California Building Standards Code, which allows noncompliant buildings to go past the 2030 seismic compliance deadline.

SPC-4D regulations have been published and are part of the 2016 California Building Code, Section 3412A.

These regulations have an effective date of 1/1/2017.

SPC-4D Upgrades#

The SPC-4D upgrade requires submittal of multiple projects to the Seismic Compliance Unit and the Building Safety Section of FDD. See the flowchart below (click to enlarge) for the recommended order of submittals of projects to FDD.

Process flow. see transcript on downloadable pdf version next.

Flowchart showing SPC-4D upgrade process

OSHPD/FDD Process for Material Testing and Condition Assessment for SPC-4D projects#

For questions or comments related to the SPC-4D Regulations, please eMail the Seismic Compliance Unit.