Healthcare Payments Data (HPD)

Cost Transparency Healthcare Payments#


The 2018 Budget Act included a one-time appropriation for OSHPD to develop and administer a statewide Healthcare Cost Transparency Database, often referred to as an All Payer Claims Database or APCD. The database is intended to support greater transparency regarding healthcare costs. The information will be used to inform policy decisions regarding the provision of quality health care, and to reduce disparities and healthcare costs.

OSHPD is responsible for convening a review committee composed of healthcare stakeholders and experts to advise OSHPD on the establishment, implementation, sustainability, and ongoing administration of the database. OSHPD must submit a report to the Legislature by July 1, 2020 with recommendations of the review committee.

The Phase 1 Implementation Plan includes project activities from July 2018 until the report to the Legislature is due by July 1, 2020.

Read Health and Safety Code, Division 107, Part 2, Section 8.5


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Upcoming Activities#

2019 – Quarter 1, January to March#
  • Select Committee Members
  • Continue environmental scan and market research
  • Disseminate Committee Issue Materials to Committee Members
  • Conduct first bi-monthly committee meeting
2019 – Quarter 2, April to June#
  • Conduct Committee Meetings
  • Begin IT project planning
2019 – Quarter 3, July to September#
  • Conduct Committee Meetings
  • Begin drafting report
2019 – Quarter 4, October to December#
  • Conduct Committee Meetings
  • Develop final committee recommendations
2020 – Quarter 1, January to March#
  • Conduct Committee Meeting to respond to questions and comments prior to finalizing report
  • Finalize report
2020 – Quarter 2, April to June#
  • Submit report to the Legislature by July 1, 2020

2017 CHHS Agency Report – Data Atlas Technical Feasibility Analysis#

Pursuant to SB 1159 (2016), OSHPD contributed to the development of a CHHS Agency report to the Legislature that assesses the technical feasibility of a healthcare cost transparency database.

Read the full report