The purpose of this policy is to establish the pricing schedule for use of specified OSHPD data products and services. It is the intent of OSHPD to provide standard datasets, custom datasets, and data extractions at a reasonable and fair price to provide cost recovery for data production and timely, responsive service.

For a list of all freely-available open data from OSHPD, please visit the OSHPD Open Data webpage.

This policy update is effective October 1st, 2020#

1. Confidential Data – Patient Discharge Data (PDD), Emergency Data (ED) and Ambulatory Surgery Data (AS):#

California Hospitals and Public Health Departments:#

California Hospitals and Public Health Departments are exempted from all charges.

University Researchers:#

Research data requests are subject to the following pricing scale.

Patient Discharge Data (PDD)$500/Year
Emergency Department (ED) Data$500/Year
Ambulatory Surgery (AS) Data$500/Year
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Data$600/Year
Linked DatasetPricing
Linked Birth/PDD/ED/AS
Linked Death Probabilistic Version A/B
Linked Death – PDD
Linked Death – ED
Linked Death – AS
New Linked Death – PDD
New Linked Death – ED

2. Custom Data Linkages:#

OSHPD staff are able to perform deterministic linkages to confidential OSHPD data for researchers able to provide a finder file. Linkage to one non-OSHPD data source is $2,500. Each additional non-OSHPD data source is $1,000 per linkage.

3. Customized Data analysis requests:#

OSHPD is able to provide aggregate data in the form of Customized Aggregate Data Requests. Reports cost $100/hour of the analyst’s time. This includes consultation, product development, de-identification, and technical assistance needed to produce data products.

Students, nonprofits, and media can receive the first 4 hours of custom data services at no charge and subsequent hours at a rate of $100/hour.

4. Waivers and Exemptions:#

Hospitals that are authorized to receive data will not be charged a fee.

Note: Hospitals associated with a university will be evaluated against the CPHS definition of “Research” to determine if they qualify as a hospital or university.

Local Health Departments, CDPH, DHCS, and federal partners authorized to receive data will not be charged a fee.

Note: This may not include aggregate datasets obtained through custom analysis request.

Students who can demonstrate their project is tied directly to the fulfillment of their academic requirements can qualify for complimentary data. This includes, but is not limited to, a thesis, dissertation, or senior project.

5. Data Policies#

Data previously provided to researchers can continue to be utilized complimentary.

New requests for data from research projects that have data that was previously provided complimentary must pay for any new datasets including new copies of data previously provided complimentary.

No years will be comped for organizations that do not qualify for a waiver.

6. Payment#

OSHPD accepts all major credit cards as well as checks. Data will not be released until payment is made in full.

If you have any questions regarding this policy or need assistance in requesting data, please contact