Submit Facility Utilization Data (SIERA)

The System for Integrated Electronic Reporting and Auditing (SIERA) provides health facilities to easily submit annual utilization reports, view and revise submitted annual utilization reports, and view facility and license information.


Welcome to the SIERA Utilization reporting system!

OSHPD is pleased to announce the implementation of OSHPD’s reporting system for the collection of the Annual Utilization Report.  The System of Integrated Electronic Reporting and Auditing (SIERA) is OSHPD’s report collection enterprise system for facility utilization information.  The report was previously submitted via the ALIRTS reporting system.  Beginning with the 2019 Annual Utilization Report, utilization reports will be submitted exclusively on the SIERA system.

Beginning January 1, 2020, users will have access to SIERA Utilization to submit their 2019 Annual Utilization Report. This SIERA Home Page will list the facility or facilities associated with your user account.  This is where you will begin the process to submit new reports and revise previously submitted reports from the prior report year.

The 2019 Annual Utilization Reports for Hospitals, Long-term Care Facilities, Primary Care and Specialty Clinics are due February 18, 2020, due to February 15, 2020 falling on a Saturday and February 17, 2020 is President’s Day.  For Home Health Agencies and Hospices, the 2019 Annual Utilization Reports are due March 16, 2020, due to March 15 falling on a Sunday.

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SIERA Utilization QuickStart Guide Series#

SIERA Utilization QuickStart Guides are topic-specific guides to assist users with SIERA Utilization’s features and functions.  Please check back as we post new topics regularly.

Annual Utilization Report Forms and Instructions#

2019 Annual Utilization Report forms and instructions can be found on the links below.  Please select the facility type.

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