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MIRCal User Registration#

User Registration Information Sheet:  To access MIRCal, all facilities must first download and complete the following forms:

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Quick Notes Technical Bulletins#

  • Issue 60: New 2021 Edits and SIERA Terminology 
  • Issue 59: Data Reporting 2021/SIERA FAQs – Part II
  • Issue 58: Data Reporting 2021/SIERA FAQs
  • Issue 57: System Upgrades and COVID-19 Reporting 
  • Issue 56: Hospice and Newborn Reporting Reminders
  • Issue 55: Survey for System Improvements
  • Issue 54: Skilled Nursing Procedures/2019 Reminders
  • Issue 53: Research at Risk/2019 Requirement Reminders
  • Issue 52: 2019 Requirements are a Month Away
  • Issue 51: MIRCal Contacts and Website Updates
  • Issue 50: 2019 New Reporting Requirements
  • Issue 49: 2019 MIRCal Regulations Approved
  • Issue 48: Public Comment Period Open!
  • Issue 47: Public Comment Period/Reporting Homeless
  • Issue 46: Preserving Your Records
  • Issue 45: 2017 Inpatient Data Element Changes
  • Issue 44: Preserving Procedures Through Error Corrections
  • Issue 43: ICD-10 Reporting External Causes

*Please note: Links referenced in old Quick Notes issues may be obsolete or no longer valid. Please consult the Inpatient and ED/AS Data Reporting Manuals to confirm CURRENT detailed information regarding reporting requirements for each data element.