Health Careers Training Program – Mini-Grants

Mini-Grants are designed to strengthen the educational and social foundations by providing direct and indirect program support for underrepresented and/or disadvantaged individuals interested in pursuing healthcare careers. 

Healthcare Workforce Development Division (HWDD) Program Update#

We understand many of our awardees are being impacted by COVID-19.  The Healthcare Workforce Development Division (HWDD) is committed to ensuring we support our awardees during this difficult time.  If your grant is impacted by COVID-19, please notify us of any changes that may impact the terms of your grant agreement (e.g., disruption of program activities, site closures or reassignments, disruption due to illness).  We are here to support you in your work addressing the healthcare workforce needs of California.  Please keep in touch with your grant’s program manager as needed.

Application Cycles#

Application Dates#

Opened January 31, 2020, 3:00 p.m. 
Closed March 4, 2020, 3:00 p.m. 


Program Eligibility#

The Mini-Grants Program awards up to $15,000 to institutions to support conferences, workshops, or career exploration activities, exposing students to health careers. 

Mini-Grants funded activities focus on introducing participants to a wide variety of health career options in primary health and other other health professions by conducting conferences and/or workshops, and direct exposure through health career exploration.

Only organizations may apply.


Current Awards:

2019-20 Mini-Grants Awardees 

Contact Us#

Phone: (916) 326-3700

Email: HCTP