Health Careers Training Program – Mini-Grants

Application Cycle: CLOSED#

Next Application Cycle: January 31, 2021 – March 4, 2021

Mini-Grants are designed to strengthen the educational and social foundations by providing direct and indirect program support for underrepresented and/or disadvantaged individuals interested in pursuing healthcare careers. 

The Mini-Grants Program awards up to $15,000 to institutions to support conferences, workshops, or career exploration activities, exposing students to health careers. 


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Program Requirements#

Review the Mini-Grants Grant Guide for program guidance and requirements.


Program Eligibility#

Mini-Grants funded activities focus on introducing participants to a wide variety of health career options in primary health and other other health professions by conducting conferences and/or workshops, and direct exposure through health career exploration.

Only organizations may apply.

Contact Us#

Email: HCTP Mini-Grants Support

Phone: (916) 326-3700