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If you are a 2016 MHLAP recipient and you have submitted your final progress report, but your lender has not received payment, we are currently processing these reports.  You may be contacted by HPEF staff if the personal or lender information you provided in a STD 204 form is out of date or includes incorrect information. Thank you for your patience.

About the Mental Health Loan Assumption Program#

PLEASE NOTE: The Mental Health Loan Assumption Program (MHLAP) will not have an application cycle for 2018-2019. Current MHLAP recipients may use this page as a resource.

Background: MHLAP was created by the Mental Health Services Act (Act), passed by California voters in November 2004. The Act provided funding to develop a loan forgiveness program in order to retain qualified professionals working within the Public Mental Health System (PMHS). Through the Workforce Education and Training component of the Act, $10 million is allocated yearly to loan assumption awards. An award recipient may receive up to $10,000 to repay educational loans in exchange for a 12-month service obligation in a hard-to-fill or retain position within the County PMHS.

Who is Eligible?#

Eligibility Requirements#

Eligible Professions:#

Counties determine which professions are eligible for their County’s hard-to-fill or retain positions. Some of the eligible professions include, but are not limited to, Registered or Licensed Psychologists, Registered or Licensed Psychiatrists, Postdoctoral Psychological Assistants, Postdoctoral Psychological Trainees, Registered or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Registered or Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Interns, and Registered or Licensed Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners in California. Support, managerial and/or fiscal staff may be eligible.

For questions pertaining to the requirements for hard-to-fill or retain positions, contact your County’s Mental Health Director or Designee’s Office.#
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