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Healthcare Payments Data (HPD) Review Committee

HPD Review Committee#

March 21, 2019 Meeting
April 18, 2019 Meeting

Cost Transparency Rx (SB 17)

Prescription Drug Pricing – Data Submitter Workgroup#

Prescription Drug Pricing – Data User Workgroup#

Prescription Drug Pricing for Purchasers#

Public Comment Hearing

Hospital Building Safety Board (HBSB)

Administrative Processes, Code Changes and Standard Details Committee#

October 18, 2018 Meeting

Board Procedures Committee#

December 12, 2018 Meeting

Education and Outreach Committee#

January 17, 2018 Meeting
June 7, 2018 Meeting
July 10, 2018 Meeting
July 31, 2018 Meeting
August 22, 2018 Meeting
September 19, 2018 Meeting
September 27, 2018 Meeting
October 17, 2018 Meeting

Energy Conservation and Management Committee#

February 28, 2018 Meeting
October 3, 2018 Meeting

Hospital Building Safety Board#

March 28, 2018 Special Session
June 21, 2018 Full Board Meeting
December 12-13, 2018 Full Board Meeting
February 20th Special Session and Leadership Training

Structural and Nonstructural Regulations Committee#

January 31, 2018 Meeting
February 22, 2018 Meeting
August 29, 2018 Meeting

Technology Committee#

August 16, 2018 Meeting

Health Professions Education Foundation (HPEF)

Health Professions Education Foundation#

Board of Trustees Meeting
Board of Trustees Development Committee Meeting
Board of Trustees Quarterly Meeting
Board of Trustees Meeting
Board of Trustees Meeting
Board of Trustees Development Committee Meeting
Development Committee Meeting

Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (CPHS)

Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects#

CPHS Meeting
December CPHS Meeting
February CPHS Meeting

CCORP Clinical Advisory Panel (CCORP-CAP)

Clinical Advisory Panel#

Notice of Public Meeting

Advisory Loan Insurance Committee (ALIC)

Advisory Loan Insurance Committee#

ALIC October 2018 Meeting
ALIC January 2019 Meeting

California Healthcare Workforce Policy Commission (CHWPC)

California Healthcare Workforce Policy#

PCR Funding Meeting

Family Medicine/Primary Care Residency Programs#

Funding Meeting

Family Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Training Programs#

Application Cycle
Funding Meeting

Registered Nurse Education Programs#

Funding Meeting