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Seismic Compliance Extension Application Now Available

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Hospitals can now apply for a seismic compliance extension under Assembly Bill 2190 #

Assembly Bill 2190 became law on January 1, 2019, and OSHPD is accepting seismic compliance extension applications until April 1, 2019.

Assembly Bill 2190 (Chapter 673, Statutes of 2018) requires all hospitals seeking extensions to the January 1, 2020 compliance deadline for Structural Performance Category 1 buildings to submit an application to OSHPD by April 1, 2019. The law requires OSHPD to grant an additional extension of time to a hospital that is subject to the January 1, 2020, deadline if certain conditions are met. The law authorizes the additional extension until July 1, 2022, if the compliance plan is based upon replacement or retrofit, or up to five years until January 1, 2025 if the compliance plan is for a rebuild.