Prescription Drugs Introduced to Market

The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) presents information on new prescription drugs introduced to market in California with a Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) that exceeds the Medicare Part D specialty drug cost threshold. Prescription drug manufacturers submit information to OSHPD within a specified time period after a drug is introduced to market.


Available Information#

For a full list of the information of new prescription drugs collected by OSHPD, see the data format and file specifications.

Information includes: the National Drug Code (NDC) administered by the FDA, a narrative description of marketing and pricing plans, and WAC, among other factors. Manufacturers may withhold information that is not in the public domain. The data set includes the data in completed reports with market introduction dates in the quarters of temporal coverage submitted by manufacturers as of October 15, 2020 and may include completed reports that do not meet the minimum threshold for reporting. The table below highlights some summary information from the new drug reports submitted by manufacturers.

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Wholesale Acquisition Cost#

Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) is defined in the U.S. Code as “…the manufacturer’s list price for [a] drug or biological to wholesalers or direct purchasers in the United States, not including prompt pay or other discounts, rebates or reductions in price…”

Data and Resources#

Additional Information#

Topic: Healthcare
Temporal Coverage: January to September 2020
Spatial/Geographic Coverage: Statewide
Frequency: Quarterly
Citation: Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), Prescription Drug Cost Transparency