Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) Increase Report Data – Cumulative

The graphs below include submitted WAC Increase data from Q1 2019 – Q3 2020. The interactive graphs display data that shows Median Cumulative WAC Percent Increase for the number of reports received in each quarter. The graphs allow you to filter through the data by WAC Price Category and Drug Source Type.

Note: Reported increases that do not meet the statutory requirements for reporting and prescription drugs that do not meet the definition for reporting under the Regulations and Section 321(g) of Title 21 of the United States Code were not included in the visualizations (53 reports in 2019 and 36 reports as of Q3 2020).

Median Percent Increase – WAC Price Category#

Key Findings

  • A year-on-year comparison of quarterly increases indicates that 3-year median percent increases were smaller in the quarters of 2020 than in respective quarters of 2019. This holds true across WAC Price Categories, with the exception of the WAC>$1,000 to $10,000 category.
  • Q1 of both 2019 (1,056 reports) and 2020 (929 reports) had the most WAC Increase Reports submitted, however the first quarter of both years experienced the lowest median percent increase compared to the other quarters.
  • Drugs with wholesale acquisition costs from $250 to $1,000 had the most reports submitted (515 of 1,145), with the largest 3-year median percent increase occurring in Q3 of 2019.

Median Cumulative WAC Percent Increase by Quarter and WAC Price Category (Q1 2019 – Q3 2020)#

Median Percent Increase – Drug Source Type#

Key Findings

  • A year-on-year comparison of 3-year median percent increases by quarter and drug source type yielded more inconsistent results than a similar comparison across quarterly increases by WAC Price Categories. Only Non-Innovator Multiple Source Drugs (Generics) showed a smaller 3-year median percent increase for each quarter on year-on-year comparison.
  • Non-Innovator Multiple Source Drugs (Generics) had the widest range of 3-year median percent wholesale cost increases across all quarters.
  • Single Source Drugs (Brands) have the most reports submitted, with most of the reported increases coming in Q1 of 2019 (540 reports) and 2020 (629 reports).

Median Cumulative WAC Percent Increase by Quarter and Drug Source Type (Q1 2019 – Q3 2020)#

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Additional Information##

Topic: Healthcare
Temporal Coverage: January 2019 to September 2020
Spatial/Geographic Coverage: Statewide
Frequency: Quarterly
Citation: Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), Prescription Drug Cost Transparency

Notes: (1) Wholesale cost refers to the industry term of wholesale acquisition cost (WAC), which is the wholesale list price of a prescription drug. (2) Median is the middle data value of a numeric dataset that has been arranged in sequential order. (3) The 3-year median percent increase is based on submitted wholesale cost data. (4) The dataset is subject to reporting. The dataset includes only complete reports submitted by manufacturers for Q1 2019-Q3 2020, not including reports that do not meet the specified minimum thresholds for reporting. (5) Manufacturers can submit late reports; and therefore, late reports that were submitted after December 3, 2020 are not included in the data.